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  • Shelley Crockett

The Brain Chip

The currency right now is your data, but when the brain computer interface (or the brain chip) is in market, the new currency will be your brain.  Are you ready?

While advances in technology are moving faster than I could write this book, I was shocked to see that some of the technology had already been developed by the time I had finished the novel.  Glenn Greenwald's book No Place To Hide about the Edward Snowden account inspired me to dig deeper into research the history of the brain computer interface and its development, causing me to contemplate the staggering consequences if we were all just one of the many objects in the vast plane of the internet of things, controlled by electromagnetic signals that could change our minds, insert thoughts and erase our memories. I'm not sure what world we are heading into, but just because we are offered a technology, doesn't mean we, as citizens, have to take it. We already have accepted we have no privacy with our metadata streaming off to hundreds of databases every day. Advertising is constant. Our one solace to this is the fact that we can turn it off if we want. We can ignore it. But if we are hooked up the machine, can we ever remove ourselves? Can we ever be ourselves? 

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